Global Insulation Logistics announces continued international success

Global Insulation conquers East Asia and Pacific Rim

Global Insulation Logistics Ltd., the UK-based insulated structures construction specialist, today announced that it is experiencing continued success on the international market.

Global Insulation specialises in the construction of insulated structures such as industrial cold stores, food production facilities and clean room environments for the telecoms, data storage and pharmaceutical industries. International projects range from in-flight catering facilities for a large catering company in Manila to large telecom switch rooms for a major provider in Europe; UPS and server rooms for a US credit card company in Russia, and refurbishments to catering facilities in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

As a result of continued demand for projects abroad, Global Insulation Logistics has opened representation offices in both Manila and Hong Kong.

Founder of Global Insulation Logistics Ltd., Greg Hodge, said: “Many companies are reticent to do international work. From the very beginning our strategy has been to apply our knowledge and expertise, and deliver our capabilities, on an international basis. We are pleased that this strategy has paid off and that despite the economic downturn, we still continue to expand the boundaries of insulated construction.”

He concluded: “Undertaking international projects requires the capacity and confidence to take business knowledge and deliver it in an environment that could be immensely different to your own. We are proud of our heritage and of our achievements in the overseas markets.”

Global Insulation Logistics provides state of the art composite panel and door systems that far exceed any alternatives currently available on the market. The fire and water resistant panels incorporate the use of a specialist mineral wool core, recognised by insurers worldwide. They are modular, quick and easy to install, and can be used for floors and ceiling. Once installed the panels are maintenance free and can be fully dismounted for recycling.

About Global Insulation Logistics

Global Insulation was formed in 1999 specifically to cater for the insulated construction market. Its specialist composite panel systems can be used for any type of insulated or fire rated structure, anywhere in the world, no matter what size or how complex.   Its state of the art composite panel and door system far exceeds any alternatives currently available on the market and offers a multitude of benefits for modern day construction. Global Insulation Logistics’ diverse portfolio of insulated structures customers includes industrial cold stores and food production facilities, clean room environments, telecommunication, data storage and pharmaceutical companies.

We operate on an international basis and with offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Philippines. We have successfully completed projects in Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cyprus, France, Germany and Russia as well as numerous sites across the United Kingdom. 

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